How to make healthy pancakes


Pancake Tuesday is coming up and whether you’re about to give up your favourite foods for Lent or simply want a healthier pancake, here are some options to help you enjoy a treat without the need for a guilty confession! H&F has teamed up with top food bloggers Dannii Martin ( and Jemma Andrew-Adiamah ( for some handy tips and tricks that are sure to impress!

1. Experiment with different flours

Jemma: ‘Give your pancakes a higher nutritional profile by cooking with different alternatives to regular flour such as spelt, coconut, almond and quinoa flour or even protein powder if you are making American style ones.’

 Dannii: ‘If you’re looking for a really light and grain-free pancake, you can make a pancake with just one mashed banana and two eggs, try to stick to the 1:2 ratio. It doesn’t have the same consistency as a regular pancake, as it’s more eggy, but the banana makes it really sweet and it’s a nice flourless alternative.’

2.  Change your cooking oil

Jemma: ‘Make your pancakes healthier by changing the kind of oil that you cook them in. Avocado and coconut oil are very popular at the moment because they are a great source of healthy fats that are a huge benefit to your body.’

Dannii: ‘Instead of using butter, I use the Fry Lite butter spray (£1.72, to make my pancakes. At just one calorie a spray, you can save those extra calories for the toppings.’


3. Watch out for the toppings 

Jemma: ‘Swap processed sugars for natural alternatives like date nectar, agave syrup and maple syrup to add some sweetness to your pancakes. Fresh or dried fruits, nuts and seeds can also add a delicious natural flavour and are a healthier source of sugar. Mixing in some fresh fruits like frozen berries, chopped apples or mashed banana to your pancake mix increases the amount of vitamins, dietary fibre and antioxidants they contain -plus, by adding fruits you’re also adding to your 5-a-day!’

Dannii: ‘If I am wanting some chocolate on my pancakes, I drizzle over some Choc Shot (£3.59, with is made mostly from fruit and gives you a great chocolate fix.’


4.  Go savoury

Jemma: ‘When we think of pancakes we immediately imagine topping them with sugary syrups and chocolate, but pancakes can be savoury too. If you’re trying to tame your sweet tooth and cut down the sugar these are a great option. Add in some vegetables and spices to create a delicious nutritional alternative.’

Dannii: ‘Consider making some cheese and leek pancakes for a change. Use mature cheese, as it’s stronger which means you do not need to use as much.’

Jemma from Celery & Cupcakes and Dannii from Hungry Healthy Happy are supporting Weight Watchers’ latest campaign #WomanKind helping women establish positive relationships with their own minds, bodies and souls.